In the week view you can easily enter work hours, absences and time entries as well as check your weekly totals for current and past weeks. Use the week navigation to move from one week to another and return to the current week by using Today button. Completing the week can be done with just one click (excluding weekends).

Week view is visible only when work hour input method is set as quantity of hours.

The view is divided into three sections: Work hours, Absences and Time entries. Rows are ordered alphabetically by customer, project, phase and work type.

From the daily and weekly totals (current and last week) you can easily drill down to a report where entries (work hours, time entries and absences) are sorted by date. On the report you can edit and delete the entries, change the date of the entries and add internal comments.

When Advanced resourcing add-on is enabled for your organization, you can see the amount of hours left or over the estimated value in the last column.

Adding and editing entries

You can add entries to projects shown in the matrix by hovering your mouse over the project/phase on the wanted date. If hours already exist for that project/phase/work type, a green indicator will appear and you have the possibility to either edit the existing entry or add another entry by clicking the indicator. Add amount of hours and description if needed. If you have selected in the Settings to copy the description from the previous entry, the description is pre-filled.

Work type comes by default primarily from phase/project and secondarily from user but it can be changed under More settings. There you can also enter an internal comment and mark the hours as overtime.

Editing an individual entry can be easily done from the matrix by clicking the amount. If you need to edit all entries for one row (move entries to another project or phase or change the work type) hover your mouse in the last cell and click Edit.

When hovering your mouse over the last column/cell edit row, copy row and delete row actions appear.

Suggested hours

When the Advanced resourcing add-on is enabled, you have the possibility to see the amount of hours resourced for a day. The hours are shown as cursive with light blue background so it's easy to notice them. To change the suggested hours as actual work hours click to open the entry and Save.

Completing a day and week

In the week view you can either complete the whole week or complete individual days. When using the Complete week action, all days are marked as complete excluding weekends. If you need to do any chances after completing a day or a week, you can either reopen the week or individual days. After you are done with the changes you can complete the week again (all open days are marked as complete).

Green colour indicates that a day is marked as complete. When you need to reopen a day like that in the weekly view just click on the green icon on top of the column.


There are several indicators to give more information about work hours. This way you don't have to open an entry to see if it has internal comment etc.

  • Internal comments: Speech bubble icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Overtime: Clock icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Approval status: If cell has multiple values, icon indicating not approved is always shown so user immediately sees some action is needed.
    • Approved: Green icon in the top left corner.
    • Not approved: Red icon in the top left corner.

In addition there are also other indicators to ease your day:

  • Public holidays are indicated with orange colour (date) and gray background (cell)
  • Absences like holidays and sick leaves are indicated with orange colour
  • Suggested hours (when using Advanced resourcing add-on) are indicated with cursive and light blue background
  • Completed days are marked with green background colour

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