Work hours are entered in the Time & Expenses day or week view. When choosing Add work hours a list of available projects is opened. Favourite projects are shown on top and you can easily mark a project or a phase as a favourite by clicking the star icon next to the appropriate project.

You can also search for a specific project by typing:

  • Customer name or number
  • Project name or number
  • Phase name

All matches are highlighted so you'll easily see if the match is in customer's name, project name and so on. This feature is handy when you get many matches for your search.

Depending on your permissions you can join a project from here. By default all projects available are listed. Consider using the search if the list is long. After you have selected the project, you are automatically forwarded to enter hours for that project and all mandatory fields are filled.

  • Work type: Default work type comes primarily from Phase and secondarily from Project. If default are not set then default is taken from user's settings.
  • Work hours: Default amount of hours is calculated based on the daily hours set on user's work contract. If user has already entered hours the amount is calculated Daily hours - Entered hours. If the amount of daily hours is already reached or hours are not expected for that date, default is always 1.

If your organization uses overtime and you have permissions to enter overtime, a menu for choosing the appropriate overtime type is shown.

If you need to modify the entry afterwards just click on the row you need to edit. Hovering your mouse over it enables Internal comment and Delete options.

Note that in some cases you cannot edit an entry:

  • Work hour entry is approved (when using work hour approval).
  • Work hour entry is on invoice.
  • Work hour entry closing date has passed.

Add entry from activities section shows all activities added for the specific day and you can quickly use an activity as a base for your hour entry. If customer and project are added for the activity, these are used automatically.

Copy previous date feature allows you to copy all entries added to previous date as a basis for current day. This comes handy and saves time when you work on the same projects. Entries to be copied are set from behind the wheel icon in Time & expenses view. Consider using the copy function before entering anything else for the day.

Complete the day closes the day for entries and the day is shown as green on mini calendar and week strip. If you need to edit, add or delete entries you have the option to reopen the day. Day completion can be used as a value and filter on work hour reports.

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