When the details of a user’s work contract change, you need to create a new contract for them. For example if a user's cost per hour or daily hours change, you always need to create a new contract to prevent changing data retrospectively.

When you need to add a new contract go to Settings > User management and locate the user. Open user’s profile and navigate to Employee settings. In the Work contracts section you can view the current details of the users contract. If your company is using flextime calculation, you can see the user's total flextime in the section below.

You don’t need to manually end the current contract, it ends automatically when a new contract is created. Start by clicking New work contract and enter the details of the new contract. By saving the new work contract, a new contract appears to the list and the previous contract is ended.

You can create a new work contract for future. When you set the start date for the new contract, the current contract gets automatically an end date. For example if the new work contract starts on the 1st of May, current work contract is set to end on the last day of April so there's no gap between the two.

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