Proposals are part of your sales cases. You can create proposals either from the top navigation Add new menu or from the Sales tab of your sales case. You can:

  • Create a proposal from scratch.
  • Use proposal templates.
  • Use existing proposals (copy) as a basis of your proposals.

Basic information

Start by selecting a customer for your proposal. You can choose an existing customer or add a new one by typing the name into Customer field. Same goes for selecting the project. If you have created proposal templates in Settings you can use a template as a basis for your proposal.

Proposal title is by default Proposal but as it is an editable field you can change it directly on proposal or define one in template. Proposal date is by default the day you create the proposal but the field is also editable so you can edit it before sending the proposal to your customer.

Details and settings

Select a contact person and address for your proposal and check that the language and formatting settings are correct as these affect the proposal PDF.

The name of the price list used for calculating prices can also be seen here. If you use an existing sales case or project as a basis for your proposal, price list is taken from Financials tab. If sales case is created from proposal, customer specific price list (if defined) or default price list from Settings is used. If you need to review or change the price list, you can do that in the Pricing section on the proposal.

You can select if VAT should be shown or not. You also have the possibility to show billing details on your proposal. Billing details are taken from project settings:

  • Our reference
  • Your reference
  • Order number
  • Billing contact
  • Payment terms
  • Invoice notes

Depending on the type of your proposal you have the possibility to hide totals from the PDF. For example if your proposal has several options to choose from, consider hiding the totals. Totals can be either printed on top and bottom or bottom only.

Proposal rows

Your proposal can consist of proposal rows and subtotals. Start by hitting the Add new work type, fee or subtotal button and continue from there. The menu lists all available work types and products from Settings. You also have the possibility to add items without product allocation. Just start typing a descriptive name and select Add without product allocation "". After adding the item you can modify its description, add additional description to it (shown below the fee), define quantity, unit and unit price and cost.

Adding new subtotals is done the same way. Just type in the name for your subtotal and select Add a subtotal "". After you have added the subtotal to your proposal you can move proposal rows under it. Subtotal is calculated based on proposal rows and it is updated if proposal rows under it are hidden from proposal.

By default description, quantity, unit, unit price and total price are shown as columns but you have the option to hide any of the columns needed. The option is found next to Total price. And when hovering your mouse over a proposal row, Hide and Remove options appear. So if you want to temporarily hide or completely remove a row from your proposal, you can do it here.

Free text fields before and after proposal rows are also shown in Proposal rows section.

Proposal value is automatically calculated based on your proposal rows and the value is also linked to the sales case value.

Only the first won proposal is linked to project value so if your sales case has several won proposals you need to update the project value manually.


You can add PDF files as attachments to your proposals. Proposal pages and attachments will be combined in the proposal printout and you can define the order by dragging the attachment. You might for example include a cover letter that should be printed first, then the actual proposal and after that terms.

View as PDF and attach to email

You can review your proposal by downloading it as a PDF file. If it's ready to be sent, you can attach it to email and send to your customer. These options can be found under the More actions menu. When attaching to email you have the option to send the proposal to your customers contact person or to your own personnel (To, Cc and Bcc). The email subject field and message are predefined but you can modify them however you like before sending the email out.

Change the status

Proposal status can be changed from the bottom of the view. The statuses you see here are managed through Settings > Sales & proposals > Proposal statuses. The last status is always Closed and when you select that a new menu opens. There you can select if the proposal was accepted or rejected by your customer. The statuses you see when selecting Closed are also defined in Settings and are the ones that have status Won or Lost.

Copy a proposal

If you have created a proposal you want to use as a basis of another proposal, you can copy the content of an existing proposal to another. This option can be found under More actions menu. After you have selected Copy proposal a prompt is shown to choose customer and project for your new proposal.

Delete a proposal

If you have opened a proposal that does not have any rows, you can close the proposal and you are prompted to delete it.

If you want to delete a proposal that has rows added to it or is already saved as a draft, open the More actions menu on proposal view and Delete.

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