You can edit travel expenses in Time & Expenses and Travel reimbursement views until:

  • travel expenses are invoiced from the customer
  • expenses are linked to a travel reimbursement that is moved to “read only“ status
  • the entry closing date has passed.

As changes are visible immediately in both views you can use either of them for editing.

Remove and delete travel expenses

Removing expense rows from travel reimbursement can be done from several places:

  • by hovering your mouse over a specific row
  • by opening the More action menu in the edit mode of an entry
  • by marking the check box in front of the row to open action menu

If you need to remove several entries from your travel reimbursement use the mass update action. First select the entries and then select Remove from travel reimbursement from the menu that opens on top. Rows are moved away from the specific travel reimbursement but can be immediately seen as waiting to be reimbursed in Time & Expenses view.

The same goes for deleting entries. Deleting a single entry can be quickly done in Time & Expenses view but if you need to delete several entries, deleting them one by one can be very time consuming. To delete multiple entries at once, use the mass update action found on travel reimbursement.

Open the travel reimbursement that includes the entries you want to delete. Select the entries by marking the check box in front of the row and select Delete from the top action menu. If you need to delete all entries for example for a specific day, group entries by date. This way you can select all entries with just one click by checking the subtotal.

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