Getting sales is imperative, but what really matters is what you do with your customers during their whole life cycle.

Use the side navigation to access your customer registry. Here you can add new customers and easily update customer related data, like industry or account owner, using a mass update feature. Just select the customers you wish to update and an action menu opens on top.

Depending on your country, when creating a new customer, you have the possibility to import customer data from public registeries (in Norway, Bizweb and in Finland YTJ (AvoinData)). Start typing the customer name (one word) or enter the VAT number and hit the magnifier next to the field. A list of results opens and you can select the correct one from there. No need to type contact information manually.

When you need to report customer data more specifically, go to Reports > Report creation and create your own personalized reports including data you wish to see from your customers and contact persons.

On top of the view you can see a KPI strip with a few preselected values (formulas are shown below).

KPI figure Description and formula
Margin this year Difference between billing and total costs in this year. Formula is Billing - Total Cost. The number doesn’t include costs to internal projects.
Billing this month Compares this months billing with previous months billing. Invoices that are included in calculation are invoices that have status sent (set for status), have invoice number, invoice date is in the month in question (last / current month) and invoices that you have permissions for.
Active customers Total number of customers with an open sales case or project (excluding internal customer).
Prospects in pipeline Number of customers who have an active sales case which is in progress, but customer don't any billing and there are no sales cases or projects in won sales statuses.

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