In Severa, proposals can be used to create proposals, order confirmations and agreements. Proposals are connected to sales cases and there is a possibility to add multiple proposals to one sales case. Create your own proposal templates to make proposal creation a more faster process.

Add a new proposal template

Go to Settings > Sales & proposals > Proposal templates to add proposal templates. You can add as many templates as you like based on your needs.

Basic information

In the basic information section, you can set the title and price list for your proposal. By default, the title is always Proposal but you can name it however you want, like Order confirmation or Agreement. The title is shown on the top right corner of the proposal document.

Color scheme

There are preset color schemes available for your PDF document. Select the color and use the layout preview to see how it affects the document.

Logo & footer

Company logo and footer can be previewed here but cannot be changed on the template. Proposals automatically get the information based on your organization or business unit when Organizational hierarchy add-on is in use. To edit the information shown here, go to Settings > Organization > Company settings or Business units.

Additional information

Define, what additional information should be shown on the proposal PDF document.

Printed information

Select how total is shown on proposal. By default the total is shown in the top and bottom but you also have the possibility to hide the totals from the document or show total only on the bottom.

Here you can also define is VAT should be shown or not.

In addition you have the possibility to add a list of project members and the project plan (including phases, hour estimation and timelines) to the proposal printout.

Billing information

You also have the possibility to show billing information added to the sales case/project on the proposal

  • Our reference
  • Your reference
  • Order number
  • Billing contact
  • Payment terms

Free texts

Enter text that is visible on the proposal before and after proposal rows. In the Free text above rows field you can use automated tags Project name and Project number to display the name and number of the case to which the proposal is connected to.

Free text editors support the following formatting options:

  • Four text sizes: Heading 1, heading 2, normal and small
  • Bold, italic and underline
  • Numbered and bullet lists

Proposal rows

You can use your product and work type registry to create proposal rows and add subtotals to group them.

Choose which columns are displayed on the proposal. For example show only total price for each row.

Add subtotals by entering a name for the subtotal. Proposal rows can then be dragged and dropped under it. On the proposal, subtotals show the total value of rows connected to each subtotal.

Add items, products and work types as proposal rows. Item is a row that is not connected to any product in product register. For an item it is possible to freely enter unit price and unit cost. Products and work types get pricing from selected price list. After adding a row, description for row can be entered in the big text box that appears below the row. Drag and drop rows to change the order or connect a row to subtotal.


Add PDF files to the proposal template, for example company's terms and conditions. Proposal pages and attachments are combined in the proposal printout in the same order as they are shown here. To change the order, hover your mouse over a row and drag it to its correct place.

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