To manage KPI's, go to Settings > Key performance indicators (KPIs) > KPI creation. There are a few ready-made formulas added as default but you can add new ones based on your needs and edit the existing ones.

To create a new KPI, click Add KPI and enter a descriptive name for it. You can start typing in the formula or click on the values from the dropdown that opens.

Use project custom fields

If you have created your own custom fields for projects, you can use them in your KPI formulas.

To use a custom field in KPI, click Add KPI and select Project KPI . Type in a descriptive name for your KPI. When you click on the actual formula field at the top of the menu you can see values related to projects, such as billing and expenses. On the bottom of the list you can see the section Custom fields where you can find the fields you have defined.

You can for example add a custom field for square meters and then easily count how much you have been able to bill per square meter, Billing / m2 (custom field).

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