Check our weekly release notes to see information about new and updated features and bug fixes.

Release notes weeks 8 to 9

Bug fixes
Cost center for project fees are inherited from template project.
Project-specific work type selection doesn't work correctly when selecting all at once.
Description text is copied from template project even if it is not selected to be included.
Cannot create shared reports when User permissios are set to None.
Browser refresh is required to update calendar view when marking a calendar entry as completed.
Time & Expenses
Error occurs when trying to save a stopwatch timing that has been on-going over multiple days.

Release notes weeks 4 to 7

New and improved
Netvisor payment status integration
With the new payment status integration, you can transfer information about payment status from Netvisor to Severa. The integration is available for Finnish organisations using Netvisor integration.
New value to reporting
You can now add VAT number (Account VAT number) as a value to Items and Work hours reports.
Inherit timelines when using project templates
Previously when using project templates, project and phase duration was set to fixed one month. Now the timelines for project, phase, and activities are inherited from the template project.
Bug fixes
Activity emails contain HTML tags in description.
Scheduled invoicing doesn't send email after a job is completed.

Release notes weeks 1 to 3

Bug fixes
Financial integrations
Issues with configuring the integration between Severa and eAccounting.
Salutation on invoice PDF is based on users display language.
A warning meant for individual invoice settings is also shown on invoice template.

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