Work hour approval can be enabled in Settings > Time & Expenses. When taking the feature in use you can choose if work hours need to be approved before invoicing. This way you don’t accidentally invoice work hours that require approval too early.

KPI figure Formula
Approval is required before hours can be invoiced Work hours that doesn't have status Approved cannot be invoiced.
Approval is required, but work hours can be invoiced before they are approved All billable hours, that have not been marked as Not approved, can be invoiced regardless of their approval status.

When the feature is enabled, first thing you need to do is check both permissions profiles and individual users and give the appropriate approval permissions. There are separate permissions for users who are managing users (such as supervisors or head of departments) and for users who are managing projects. It is possible to give permission combinations of these, for example permission to own employees and own projects.

Approving hours can be done in two different views depending on how detailed information you need when approving the hours:

  • a grouped report
  • list report.

These reports can be accessed via the top navigation or from Reports.

If you approve hours by mistake, you can change their status back to Not reviewed using the same reports. When using the grouped report, just change the Value from Not reviewed to Approved and use filters to find the specific entries. When using the list report, change the Approval status filter from Not reviewed to Approved.

Work hour approval is available in Business, Platinum and Enterprise versions.

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