You can add new users, inactivate existing users and check the amount of user licenses in user management. Start by navigating to Settings > User management.

Changes you make to data columns are saved, so when you return to user management the view will look the same. Filters are always reset back to default.

Mass update

You have the possibility to update supervisor, business unit, role, and default work type to several users at one go. Just select all the users whose details you need to update, and an action bar opens on top.

User licenses and subscription

On the top right corner you see the amount of available licenses in your company.

When logged in as an admin user with purchase permissions (Settings & features permission > Edit settings and manage subscription & features), you can start adding a new user even if you don't have user licenses available at that moment.

When clicking the Add user button you have the possibility to add the user as inactive or add the user as active and purchase a license for it. You can see the monthly cost and total cost for the ongoing subscription before continuing.

You might also have paid user licenses that are not shown as available licenses. This happens when you inactivate users, and at the same time remove that user license from your subscription. In these cases, when adding a user you will get notified that you already have a paid license you can use.

When inactivating users you can decide if you want to keep the license or remove it from your subscription. If you're planning to add new users right away or in the near future you can keep the licenses but if you're not sure, you can remove the licenses so you won't pay extra for the next payment period for unused licenses.

If you are logged in with limited permissions:

  • You can add active users when there are available user licenses
  • You can add users as inactive when there are no user licenses available.
  • You cannot activate users, when there are no user licenses available.

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