In the Project overview you can easily view all your open projects in List and Gantt view and add new projects with just a few steps.

Project Gantt lists projects and phases on a timeline (year, month, week, day) and you can narrow down the list using either the filters or search. In the Gantt view you can also change project timeline by clicking the timeline and dragging it with your mouse or just changing the start date and end date. There are also some quick actions available like

  • edit project and phase hour estimates and
  • set default works types.

On top of the view you can see a KPI strip with a few preselected values:

  • Order book: Expected value - Billed.
    • Value is calculated using only open cases with "Won" sales status and with Expected value.
    • Calculation ignores billing that is more than the expected value.
  • Work in progress: Value of Hours - Billing.
    • Calculation excludes fees of type products and subcontracting.
    • If Work in progress is 0 or higher, 0 is shown as value.
    • If value of hours is higher than billing forecast or expected value, calculation uses billing forecast or estimated value (whichever is higher) as the Value of Hours in the formula.
  • Hours this month: Hours entered to projects this month.
  • Projects in need of attention: The amount of projects where:
    • Project deadline has passed.
    • Total work hour estimate breached (only when estimate is given, >0).

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