Travel expenses (like transportation, accommodation, per diems) can be added in Time & Expenses view or using Severa's mobile app. With the mobile app you can easily add receipts for expenses by selecting a picture from your phone storage or by using camera to take a picture of the receipt. After adding the travel expenses, travel reimbursement can be created.

It is not possible to create travel reimbursement in Severa's mobile app.

View travels on project

Travel expenses can be found from the Financials tab of your project. Expenses are listed as Billable, Billed or Non-billable.

Billable expenses are handled the same way as billable fees, and will automatically be added to customer's next invoice. On the invoice, expenses can be edited, grouped and removed if needed.

If travel expenses are shown as non-billable on your project and are not automatically shown on customer’s invoice, check the status of your company's travel expense approval and project pricing to verify that travel rates have a price and are marked as billable from customer.

Travel reimbursement

Travel reimbursement simplifies travel expense reporting, billing and reimbursement.

Users create Travel reimbursements by entering expenses for transportation, accommodation and per diems in relation to sales cases and projects. Receipts are attached electronically, and the request is then submitted for approval.

Supervisors and managers are able to review, edit, export and approve expenses. Once approved, expenses are automatically available for billing for projects where billing is enabled.

Travel reimbursement is available in Business, Platinum and Enterprise versions.

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