To control Travel reimbursement related settings, go to Settings > Time & Expenses > Travel reimbursements.

Settings related to Travel reimbursements are only available in Business, Platinum and Enterprise version of Severa.

Travel reimbursement start date

Set a date when your company starts using travel reimbursements. Travel expenses will be available for approval from this date onwards.

Travel expense approval

Travel expenses must be approved when using travel reimbursements, but depending on your company’s needs and invoicing process, you might want to be able to invoice them immediately instead of waiting for them to be approved. To make expenses billable from customers as soon as they're entered, use option Travel expenses must be approved but can be invoiced before approval.

In relation to your approval process, also remember to check Permissions related to Travel reimbursements. Give permission for employees to create travel reimbursements and for supervisors or managers to approve them.

Travel reimbursement statuses

Travel reimbursement statuses identify the stages that a reimbursement moves through during the process of drafting, reviewing and approving.

By default, there are four statuses including Draft, Waiting for approval, Approved and Rejected. Statuses are ordered progressively, and changing the order will affect how statuses are displayed.

Statuses can be marked as Locked, meaning that requests with this status can’t be edited except to change the status. Normally, Waiting for approval and Approved statuses are Locked. Statuses can also be marked as Approved, meaning that requests with this status are available for billing.

Travel reimbursement numbering

Travel reimbursement numbering allows you to define the sequence of reimbursement request numbers. Specify the number for the next reimbursement request, and on every request thereafter the number will increase by an increment of one.

Numbers are assigned when the document is completed and a Locked status (for example Approved) is assigned. The number is displayed on the reimbursement request document, and on email notices related to the request. Reimbursement numbers are searchable using Quick search .

To change the Travel reimbursement numbering sequence, starting with the next new reimbursement request, type a new number in the field.

Numbers may not be used more than once, and an error message will appear upon saving if the number is a repeat.

Travel reimbursement instructions

Instructions is an optional field of information which can be used to provide your employees guidance regarding how and when to complete travel reimbursements, or othe rules about travel reporting.

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