In some cases you might want to activate a user you have earlier inactivated. When you try to add a user that already exists, you get a warning that the email you have entered already exists. To activate the user again, open Filters and either change Active/Inactive filter to Inactive or remove that filter. After the list is refreshed, open user's profile and hit Activate user.

All active users need a work contract so you need to either use the latest contract or create a new one. If you choose to continue with the latest work contract, just select if you want to send a welcome email to the users email and activate the user. We advise you to go through user's profile details to make sure that the user's information and permissions are correct.

You can also create a new work contract for the user. When you hit Activate user, you need to fill in the contract details:

  • Job title
  • Contract start date
  • Cost per hour
  • Daily hours
  • Overtime allowed
  • Use daily flextime limit (when flextime calculation is in use)
  • Flextime (Keep existing flextime or Start flextime calculation from zero)
  • Work week (Inherits from company settings or set a User specific work week)

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