Activities do not have direct permissions that could be managed via permission profiles. Permissions to customers, projects and users limit or allow visibility to activities. General rule is that when you are the owner or participant of an activity you can edit it. There are a few other scenarios that restrict or allow visibility to activities.

Seeing vs. Viewing activities

Calendar is based on the idea, that your colleagues can see what you are working with and if your free or busy. Because of this, people are always able to see all activities the calendar. So, even though you don't have permissions to the activity, you can still see it in the calendar.

View permission means that you are able to open the activity and review the content such as name, description, participants, etc. When looking at activities in the calendar some description is shown even for users without any access rights. Tasks and to-do activities will display the activity type and activity name. Out of office and personal activities show only the category name.

Activity owner vs. participants

Activity owner is always able to view, edit and delete the activity. Participants can also view and edit the activity, but cannot delete it. Participants can only remove themselves from the activity.

Activity category: Absence

When employee enters an Absence, other employees with no permissions to Users are not able to view the content of the activity. When colleague looks at the absence in calendar or activity report, all he sees is text Absence, regardless of what the actual name or content is. Users with permissions to Subordinates or to All are able to view and edit absences.

Activity category: Personal

When employee enters an activity that is personal (private), only the person himself can see the content. When a colleague looks at such activity in calendar or in activity report he only sees text Private. If you add other users as participants to a private activity, then also participants are able to see the content.

Project membership

When you are a project member, you are able to view activities that are added to the project, even though you aren't participant of the activity.

Access to customers

When you have permissions to customers, you are able to view all activities connected to customers.

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