Price list is a group of pricing rules that are used on more than one project. Price lists are managed in Settings > Pricing > Price list, where multiple lists can be created to satisfy different pricing models. Default price list is used automatically on new projects unless another list is selected.

Manage price lists

To create a new Price list, enter a descriptive name, select a currency (if applicable) and Save. Once the newly created price list is open, you can starting adding work hour, travel and product rates.

Changes to price lists are automatically saved.

Work hour rates

The first row is marked Default price, this is the amount invoiced for work hour entries unless specifically defined elsewhere in the Price list or project Pricing. To edit the hourly rate, click on the field and enter an amount. If the default rate is billable from customer, remember to mark the Bill checkbox.

Additional pricing rules are added using the Add hourly rate button. Add as many rules as necessary to achieve the desired pricing structure, but keep in mind that new rules can’t duplicate or replace existing rules.


You charge a default price of $100 per work hour, with additional rate of $150 per hour for all employees doing project management and $175 per hour for all employees doing consulting. Then you decide that work done by a new employee, Timothy Martin, should be charged at $75 per hour and consulting work by a senior partner, Margot Gnudersen should be billed at $200.

With this work hour pricing structure, all work hours entered by Timothy will be billed at $75, while project management hours for all employees will be billed at $150, consulting hours for all employees except Margot be billed at $175 and Margot's consulting hours will be billed at $200. All other work hour entries not specified will be billed at $100 per hour.

Additional considerations such as Overtime, Travel expenses and Products can be added to the price list according to the desired billing structure.

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