To add new users go to Settings > User management and click Add user. Start by entering basic and work contract related information for the user.

If you get a warning that the email you have entered already exists, you cannot add the user as new but you need to activate the existing user.

Basic information

  • Email: This is the email address used for login
  • First name and Last name
  • Language
  • Supervisor
  • Permission profile: Note you cannot set a higher permission profile than you have.
  • Business unit: Select a business unit the user belongs to.

Work contract

  • Job title
  • Contract start date: This is the date from which user should start entering their work hours
  • Cost per hour
  • Daily hours: Set the amount of expected hours per day in decimals. For example 7h 30min as 7,5 or 7h 15min as 7,25. When using flextime this is the expected amount of hours per day.
  • Overtime allowed: Use this to allow user to enter overtime
  • Use daily flextime limit: Use this if you want to limit users daily hours (only when using flextime)
  • No flextime: Use this if the user cannot accumulate flextime. When enabled, flextime is hidden from My Profile and Time & Expenses views.
  • Default work type: This work type is used as default work type for projects if there are no exceptions for project or phase
  • Work week: Use default if user is working full time, following your organizations default working days. Set specific working days only if user works part time and works only on specific days.

After filling in all the mandatory information, choose if you want to send the user a welcome email with instructions to login and Save.

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