Severa's REST API credentials are used for authentication when transferring data between Severa and a 3rd party application.

Credentials are created via Severa's settings. We recommend that you create your own credentials for each integration. For example, if you have two different integrations, you will need to create separate credentials for both.

Creating REST API credentials

  1. Access Settings from top navigation
  2. Go to Integrations > REST API
  3. Select Create client credentials
  4. Define integration details
    1. Integration target system: System that information is transferred to/from
    2. Integration description: Description of how the integration works, and what information is transferred
    3. Contact person: Contact person from your company
    4. Select API scopes: API scopes define to which data these credentials have access to. If the integration is implemented by third party, you can ask them what API scopes are needed.
    5. I have an integration partner: If a third party has implemented the integration, please fill their information
    6. Save to create a Client ID and Client secret

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