Set targets to steer your business more easily. You can set targets to reports either in Report creation view or directly to a report on dashboard.

Target setting is available in Platinum and Enterprise versions.

Targets can be set for most numeric values, like revenue, sales and billing to name a few. For list and analysis reports, you can set a target value and define how values above and below the target are indicated.

  • List reports: Set targets for individual rows and totals.
  • Analysis reports: Set targets for group levels and totals.

For graphical reports you can only set one target value which will be indicated with a dotted line.

Set targets for list and analysis reports

To set targets, hover your mouse over the report grid to see if a target can be set for the specific value. When moving your mouse over the report, all rows that are affected are highlighted.

Set the target value and define how above and below target values are indicated on the report. For example green color indicates that the value is above target and red or no color indicates below target. Depending on your needs, you can set multiple targets per report.

Targets are not automatically saved to your report when they are added from the Report creation view, so remember to Save your report before navigating away.

You also have the possibility to set targets in the dashboard. On dashboard the targets are automatically saved to the report.

Set targets for graphical reports

For graphical reports you can only set one target value. Hover your mouse over the report grid and click on it to set a target.

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