Currencies are only available in Platinum and Enterprise versions.

Multi-currency add-on allows you to add multiple currencies to Settings, and associate them with customers and/or projects.

In order to add a new currency, an exchange rate must be set against the company’s base currency. The new currency can then be assigned as the default currency for customers. To manage currencies go to Settings > Organization > Currencies.

Add new currency

To add a new currency, click Add currency. Select the currency from the dropdown, and enter the exchange rate as a ratio to the base currency of your organization. When finished, Save the new currency.

To verify company's base currency, go to Settings > Organization > Company settings > Other settings.

Edit currencies

To edit an existing currency, click the currency to open the information. Edit details and Save.

Disable/Delete currencies

To disable or delete an existing currency that is not used anymore, hover your mouse over the currency and select Disable or Delete.

Currencies that are in use cannot be deleted. To check the usage, click a currency to view it's details.

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