Market segments are a way to group and categorize your customers for reporting purposes. Market segments are groups of customers based on common, measurable characteristics or goals that are used to direct marketing and sales. Segments can be for example geographic or behavioural classifications.

Manage market segments

To manage market segments available for your organization go to Settings > Customers & contacts > Market segments.

Add a new group or market segment

To get started with market segmentation, create a new group by entering a descriptive name for it. For example Location. Then add market segments and link them to that newly created group, for example Europe, Asia, North America etc. You can have as many market segments and groups as you need and one customer can belong to several segments.

Edit a group or market segment

To edit an existing group or market segment, click the row to start editing it. For groups you can edit the name and change the status (enabled/disabled). For market segments you can edit the name, change the group and status (enabled/disabled). You can also see with how many customers the specific segment it associated with and view a list of those customers.

Disable or delete a group or market segment

To disable or delete an existing group or market segment, just hover your mouse over the row to view the actions.

You have the possibility to disable groups and individual market segments. When you disable a group, all market segments linked to it are also automatically disabled. Enabling a group, enables all market segments linked to it.

Group that does not have any market segments associated with it can also be deleted from the system. To delete a group that has market segments associated with it, first delete the market segments or move them under another group.

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