Invoice statuses are stages in the invoicing process from drafting and sending the invoice to payment. For example, if you use a financial integration it might be good to identify when invoices are ready to be transferred and transferred.

Manage invoice statuses

To manage invoice status, go to Settings > Invoicing > Invoice statuses. You can add new ones and edit the existing based on your needs.

The order of the invoice statuses should follow the invoicing process. If you need to change the order, hover your mouse in front of the status name so that the cursor changes from arrow to cross and drag the status to its correct place.

When all statuses are added, select a default status for credit notes. This is the status invoices automatically receive after being reimbursed.

Add a new invoice status

When adding a new status, enter the name and mark the relevant check-boxes for the status:

  • Not editable: Invoice cannot be edited or deleted
  • Invoice number: Invoice numbers are assigned
  • Sent: Invoice is sent
  • Paid: Payment has been received

Edit invoice statuses

When editing a status, you can see if it is or has been linked with sales cases.

To disable or delete a status, just hover your mouse over the row and the available actions appear. Invoice status cannot be deleted if it is or has been linked with invoices. You can disable the status if it's not needed anymore.

Disabling a status doesn't affect invoices currently marked with that status, however a disabled status is no longer available for selection.

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