Visma Movenium is the most popular worksite and time tracking system in the construction industry, replacing papers and excels on the worksite.

Visma Movenium provides tools for managing worksite-specific requirements, such as tax reporting, AVI reporting, and payroll administration. Extensive connections to financial management systems are also available.

The integration between Severa and Visma Movenium provides real-time project and business management at Severa. Project-specific information is recorded with Visma Movenium, from which approved entries are automatically transferred to Severa's project management.

The data is automatically targeted to the right projects, allowing real-time tracking of projects and costs, and you can manage the entire construction project from sales to invoicing based on truthful information.

How to activate Movenium integration

Severa's admin user can activate Visma Movenium integration from Upgrades (Upgrades > Adjust features > Interfaces).

By activating the integration from Upgrades also REST API is activated and Movenium receives information about the opening of the integration automatically.

After this you have to create REST API credentials and deliver those (Client ID ja client secret) to Movenium. Needed API Scopes for this integration are:

  • Activities: Read, Write, Delete
  • Customers: Read, Write, Delete
  • Users: Read, Write, Delete
  • Travels: Read, Write, Delete
  • Organization: Read, Write, Delete
  • Projects: Read, Write, Delete
  • Hours: Read, Write, Delete

When the integration is activated, the information below is first retrieved from Severa to Movenium. The actual transfer is done manually in the Integrations section of Movenium.

  1. Severa's Business units are fetched to Movenium as a Group (name).
  2. Projects from Severa are fetched to Movenium as projects.
  3. Phases from Severa are fetched to Movenium and the phases from final level of the hierarchy tree are added to Movenium as subprojects.
  4. Users from the Business unit are added as the members of the project phase, so hour recording is possible.
  5. Severa's work types are fetched to Movenium as tasks.
  6. Define travel expenses / salary types for both systems manually.
  7. Define overtime classes / salary types for both systems manually.

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