The main navigation consists of two different things: the left-hand side overview pages (side navigation) and the top action bar (top navigation). You can also use search from the top right corner. Search matches a variety of terms like customer and project names and numbers, contacts, phone numbers, VAT numbers, invoice numbers and so on. Also a variety of information like project and customer names often act as links to help in navigation.

As a default, search returns only active customers and open sales cases and projects but it's possible to widen the search to include also inactive customers and closed sales cases and projects. Admin users can control this setting on company level in Settings > Company details > Quick search . If you don't want to change the setting on company level, you always have the possibility to search from closed and inactive. Just use the toggle that appears after you've typed at least three characters to quick search.

Use the side navigation to access the main overviews. There you have the possibility to use filters to narrow down what is shown to you. When you select filters for a view, they are remembered with the following exceptions.

Filter Description
Invoices Date filter in Create invoices view is always reverted back to current day when navigating away from the page.
Time & Expenses User filter is always reverted back to Self when navigating away from the page.
Schedule User filter is always reverted back to Self when navigating away from the page.

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