Download our free Severa mobile app on your iOS or Android device and have easy access to your Severa environment where ever you are!

You can log in with Single sign-on login methods (Google and Microsoft) or using username and password. If you don't have a password yet you can get one using the Forgot your password? option from the login page.

After a successful login a dashboard is opened, and you can quickly enter hours or check activities that need your attention. On the top you can see your next activity for the current day and you can access it from there. If you have completed all your activities or there are no activities for the current day you'll see text "No activities remain for today".

By using the search you can easily find and access customers, contact persons, sales cases and projects. Use dashboard or bottom navigation to move around in the app. Under More button you can also find your profile settings and recently visited places so if you need to switch between views you can easily do it from here!

If you want to add new customers, sales cases etc. just hit the green + icon to open a menu and continue from there.

Work hours

In the Work hours view you can quickly view, edit and add hour entries and absences. Move from one week to another using the week strip. On the top of the week view you can see the daily hours you're expected to work and in the bottom total hours you have entered for the week. For each day you can see the amount of hours entered so it's easy to see if some days are missing hours.

Add work hours using the + button or open a day to enter work hours and absences. When done with entering hours complete the day to mark the day as green on the strip and on week view. Delete hours/absences by opening the day and swiping to left on the entry.


With stopwatch you can easily track time spent on different tasks and log them as your work hours. Start tracking and pause the recording when you're done. Enter hours by selecting the project and phase for the entry. If you need to delete your timing just swipe to left on the timing. You can browse around the app or put your phone away and the recording continues until you pause it.


Activities view lists all activities that are in progress. Late activities are shown first so it's easier for you to react to them. In this view you can easily mark the activity as completed by swiping to right.

Postpone or edit the activity by swiping to left. If the activity is linked to a customer you can also email or SMS the contact person telling that you are coming but will be a little late from the meeting.

In Activities view you can add different types of activities (project task, to-do etc.) but absences can only be added through Work hours view or from the Add new button (+) found on dashboard.


Add new or view and manage your ongoing sales cases by accessing Sales from the dashboard or from the bottom menu. Use search to look for a specific sales case or view them based on the expected order date or sales status. Open the sales case to view more detailed info like planned activities.

Travel expenses

View, edit and add travel expenses by accessing Travel expenses from the dashboard or from the bottom menu. You can also easily attach your receipts here.


Add new or view and manage existing projects by accessing Projects from the dashboard or from the bottom menu. Use search to look for a specific project or view projects based on their deadline or customer. Open a project to view its KPI figures and project plan.


Add new or view and manage existing customers and customer contact persons by accessing Customers from the dashboard or from the bottom menu. If you're meeting your customer in their office just click the address and a map opens pinpointing the address to help you navigate.


View, edit and add fees to your sales cases and projects. If you need to delete an existing fee just open the fee for editing and delete option appears.

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