From report gallery you can find all reports you have access to and manage them easily. Reports are divided into sections and within a section you'll find own, shared and default reports.

  • Own: Reports created by you that are only visible to you.
  • Shared: Reports shared to your permission profile.
  • Default: Default reports.

In the top right corner of the view you can search for a report by using its name or part of it.

When hovering over a report, an action menu appears. Click on the icon to open the menu. Depending on your permissions, you'll be able to:

  • Mark the report as your favourite and remove favourites.
  • Rename the report.
  • Copy shared and default reports as your own reports.
  • Copy own reports as shared and manage sharing permissions (permissions to Sharing required).
  • View the history data of the report: when the report was created and by whom and if it has been updated.
  • Delete the report.

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