On Invoice settings tab you can review and edit various layout and formatting settings. As a default the settings come from invoice template that can be seen on top of the view. Settings are editable only when invoice is in a draft status.

When editing settings on invoice, the edited settings will be used as a default on that projects next invoices.

Invoice style

Here you can define settings used on the invoice PDF:

  • Template color scheme: Choose the color scheme used on invoice PDF
  • Show company logo and invoice title: Choose if your logo and invoice title (for example Invoice and Credit note) are shown on invoice PDF
  • Show footer on invoice: Choose if footer is shown on invoice PDF

Invoice row descriptions

You can use tags and free text to create descriptions for invoice rows (work hours, travel expenses and products). Always use Add tags button because all items have their own tags in use. When adding more one than one tag, comma and a space are automatically added between tags.

Show columns

Invoice columns selection defines how detailed information is shown on invoice rows. Description and total price are always shown. Breakdown attachment columns define what information is shown on invoice breakdown if attached to invoice.

Invoice row grouping

It is possible to show total amount of work hours, travel expenses and fees as subtotals on invoice. This is controlled by a checkbox.

Use item grouping to define if work hours, travel expenses and/or products should be grouped on invoice. Use checkbox to enable grouping, then define how items should be grouped. You can also attach a breakdown or individual rows. In the breakdown, the items will have the description defined in Invoice row description and the columns are shown based on the selections made in Show columns.

It's not always possible to group all similar items to one row. For example when grouping work hours, only entries that have same unit price will be grouped as one row. Same applies to cost centers.

You can also save the invoice template as organizational level template. This way other users in your organization can use the same template.

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