You also have the possibility to allocate resources to roles. This comes handy in situations where you know what type of expertise is needed but don't know who will do the actual work.

Create and assign roles

To get started, you first need to create the user roles in Settings > Users > User roles.

After you have created all the roles used in your company, you need to link the roles with your employees in Settings > Users > User management. Role is linked to a Work contract and is valid only from the start date of the contract until the end date.

You can link employees with one user role, and use that role to find and resource available people for your projects. You can either edit employees one by one, or use the mass-update functionality to update several users at one go.

If users Role changes, you should always create a new contract to avoid changing data retroactively.

Allocate resources to roles

When you have roles and links to employees in order, you can use roles to plan your projects.

Navigate to your project's Project plan tab, and open the Members & activities > Members section. The section is divided into Roles and Project group. If you are not sure, who will work on the specific project, you can add a role allocation placeholder that can be moved to an employee at a later stage.

To add a placeholder, click on the timeline next to a role and a New allocation popover opens. Set the workload and start and end dates, and Save .

Allocate resources from roles to users

When you know who will do the actual work, you can move the role allocation to an employee. You can either navigate to your project's Project plan view or go to Resourcing > Resourcing by roles.

Project plan

When resourcing a specific project, it's easiest to use Project plan view to allocate resources from role to an employee.

  1. Open the Members & activities > Members section to view all role allocations for that specific project
  2. Click on the role allocation in the timeline
  3. Click Select users to find the right people
    • You can see all employees and their availability in hours during allocation
    • You can select several employees, and divide the allocated hours to them
    • Even if the allocation was done to specific role, you can allocate it to employees with other roles
  4. Save to move the allocation from the role

Resourcing overview

When you want to see an overview of all upcoming resource needs, use the Resourcing by roles view. In the overview, you can see resource allocations for both roles and employees. By clicking the role allocation open, you can allocate it to an employee.

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