Work types are the different jobs commonly performed on sales cases and projects and can be either productive or non-productive. Examples of work type are consulting, project management, accounting and so on. The default values you see in the settings come from the industry selected when Severa was registered but you can modify these to apply for your organization and needs.

Productive and non-productive work

Work type’s productivity setting is used to calculate employees Productivity %. Percentage is calculated from the work hour entries based on work type used.

Work hour that gets a price is always considered to be productive regardless of the work type’s setting.

Calculating flextime

When using flextime, all hours entered with work types accumulate flextime. Use for example time entries to enter lunch breaks.

Manage work types

To manage work types go to Settings > Work time, travel expense & product registries > Work types. There is a preset of work types available but you can add new ones and edit the existing based on your needs. When editing a work type, you can see if it's linked with any organization company, phase, project member, proposal row, user or work hour entry.

To disable or delete a work type, just hover your mouse over the row and the available actions appear. Before you can delete a work type that is in use, you need to swap the linked usages to another work type.

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