Identifier usage

As default there are no restrictions for identifier usage in Severa. You can use the same identifier for all products, work types and travel expenses. For example you might have one identifier for all products, one for all travel expenses and so on.

With this setting you can prevent using the same identifier meaning that all identifiers must be unique throughout the different registries. This setting is especially useful when Severa is integrated to a financial system.

Project fee allocation

How project fees are allocated in Severa differs based on where the fee is added from. Fees can be added in Time & Expenses view and in Project financials. As a default when a fee is added through Time & Expenses view, it is automatically allocated to the selected project and phase and to the employee adding it. But when you add a fee in project, it is allocated only to the project.

With this setting you can enable allocation for users and phases also when adding fees directly on project. When adding the fee in project financials, you will see two new fields where you are able to select a Person and Phase for that specific fee.

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