Supervisors or other users with appropriate permissions are able to locate travel reimbursements through reports. The default travel reimbursements report can be found under Time & Expenses section but consider saving the report as a favourite so you can access it more easily from the top navigation.

  1. Go to Reports > Report creation
  2. Select Time & Expenses > Travels and open Travel reimbursements report
  3. By default time frame Last 90 days is selected
  4. Edit the default filters and values if needed
  5. Click the travel reimbursement number to review it
  6. After reviewing change the status either to Approved or Rejected

When changing the status of a travel reimbursement for someone else than yourself an email notification window opens. You can either send the notification to the user or Cancel it. Cancelling does not undo the status change so if you need to undo it, you need to do it manually.

Review expenses

When approving travel reimbursements that include receipts, supervisors and managers can use a preview feature to quickly go through all expense rows. Open a travel reimbursement and hover your mouse over any expense row. Click on the Preview attachment icon to review all expenses and receipts attached to them. Preview displays also expenses without receipts so you can easily check all expenses in one view.

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