As an employee, you typically want to see what you need to work on. You can of course open the Resourcing overview from the left navigation pane, but you also have the option to see your allocations in different views under Schedule, in the Resource allocations section. This enables you to see your resource allocations and activities side by side, so you get a more holistic picture of what you should work on.

You can use the filters in the top to narrow down the view based on project or project manager. If you have rights to other users, you can use the filters in the top bar to change the person you’re viewing.

Furthermore, when you are using resource allocations, the Time & expenses view is also changed so that, for each individual work hour entry, the hours left bar compares the person’s hours on the phase to his resource allocations. This enables the employees to better follow how many hours they themselves can still use. When resourcing is used the view also has a Suggested work hour entries section which suggests entries based on user's resourcing.

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