In the Project settings tab you can view and edit general and billing information related to your project. You can also set what work types and products can be seen when entering hours and products in Time & expenses view. In this view you can also add Project member cost exceptions if hourly costs differ from user's default cost.


In the General section you can view and edit project's short name (15 characters) and keywords. You can also see to which Business unit and Cost center the project is linked to.

Even though Cost centers are linked to Business units, changing Business unit here does not automatically change the Cost center.

In this tab you can also define if users can join the project from Time & Expenses view or not. Joining allowed selection only affects users who have permissions to join projects.

Billing information

In the Billing information section you can define project specific billing information like our and your references. The data given here will be shown on invoices, excluding grouped invoices. If your project has several billing customers you can add them here under Billing customers and set default billing customer.

Custom fields

If you have created your own custom fields for projects in the Settings, the fields can be seen here.

Work types, products and cost exceptions

Here you can define work types and products available in the Time & Expenses view when entering hours and products for the project. You can also add cost exceptions for project members by clicking the Add cost exceptions button. As default all active work types and product are listed but you can narrow down the list if needed.

Project work types:

  • Allow entering work hours with all work types: All active work types are listed in Time & Expenses when entering hours
  • Use project-specific work type selection: List of all active work types is shown and you can select the work types used for the project. When using this option, you also need to define a default work type which overrides employee's default. If a phase has a default work type set, it will override project and employee defaults.

Project products:

  • Allow entering all products: All active products are listed in the Time & Expenses view when entering fees
  • Use project-specific product selection: List of all active products is shown and you can select the products used for the project. You can use this option to prevent users from adding fees from Time & Expenses.

Invoice settings

In the Invoice settings section, you can review and edit various layout and formatting settings and download a Preview PDF. As a default, the settings come from an invoice template that can be seen on top of the view. All projects use an invoice template as a basis for invoices, but you can also make project specific changes that override the setting from the chosen template.

If you have made any changes, you have the possibility to revert all or specific fields back to template values. The option to revert all changes appears on the top right corner of the section when there are one or more fields that differ from the template values. To revert only a specific field, click the revert icon next to a field with a value that differs from the template value.

  • Show company logo and invoice title: Defines if company logo and invoice title are shown on invoice PDF (comes from template).
  • Show footer on invoice: Defines if footer is shown on invoice PDF (comes from template).
  • Color scheme: Choose the color scheme used on invoice PDF.
  • Invoice row descriptions: Add tags and add free text to create descriptions for invoice rows.
    • When using tags, always use Add tags button to add new ones because items have their own tags in use.
    • When adding more one than one tag, comma and space are automatically added between tags.
  • Free texts: Add optional free text above and/or below the invoice rows.
  • Invoice columns: Define what information is shown on invoice rows.
    • Description and Total price are always shown.
  • Breakdown attachment columns: Define what information is shown on invoice breakdown, if attached to invoice.
  • Invoice row grouping: Select if total amount of work hours, travel expenses and fees are shown as subtotals on invoice.
  • Work hours, travel expenses and products: Mark the check box to enable grouping, then define how items should be grouped. You can also define if you wish to attach a breakdown.
  • Attachments: View attachments added to template.

It is not always possible to group all similar items to one row. For example same products with different unit prices will be shown in separate rows. Also when using financial integrations with cost centers, one invoice row cannot include multiple cost centers.

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