To tweak what is shown in the Time & Expenses view, just hit the Settings icon next to Complete the day/Complete week button.


To enter hours even faster you can select rows to be shown in the weekly hour matrix. This way you don’t have to search for a project in the phase tree. When project or phase is marked as complete it disappears from the suggested rows so you don't need to do anything to update your view.

Suggestions based on my recent entries

Shows projects where you have added entries on previous week(s) or day(s). You can set the amount of weeks or days you want to use as basis. For example rows from previous 2 weeks shows all projects/phases where you have added entries in the past two weeks.

Projects where I am resourced

When Advanced resourcing add-on is enabled, you have the possibility to show projects/phases where you have been resourced to on that specific week.

Suggested work hours from my resourcing

When Advanced resourcing add-on is enabled you have the possibility to see the amount of hours resourced for that day. The hours are shown as cursive with light blue background so it's easy to notice the hours.

My favorite projects

Shows projects you have marked as your favourite.

Show weekends

You can choose if weekends are shown in the matrix or not. Even if you have chosen to hide weekends but have entered hours to Saturday or Sunday, hours are calculated in the totals.

Copy description from previous entry

Work hour entry description can be entered manually or it can be copied from the previous entry for that specific project/phase/work type.

Day copying

Choose the types of entries (for example work hours and time entries) to be copied, when using the Copy previous day, Import from specific day, or Copy to specific day functionalities.


Depending on the level you need to report your hours, you can also round your entries. Enable rounding of work hours and set the rules how to round the entries.

When enabled, rounding can be easily done by hovering over the work hour entry. When hovering over the rounding icon, you can also see the rounding rule, for example "Round up to nearest minutes".

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