Permissions govern what you can view and edit regarding resourcing. As an admin user, you can view and edit everything. But for others, the person’s permissions related to Projects and Users are the key.

If your project permissions are Project manager, no rights to project financials or invoicing or above, you work in a role where you have responsibility for project planning. In this case, you can select from all employees to work on your projects, so you can also see all allocations that different employees have. However, you can only edit allocations in projects where you have editing permissions. As project manager, that typically means only for the projects you are the manager of.

As a typical employee just handling hours and activities, you might not have permission to set up projects. This means you cannot see different people in the resourcing overview, and you do not have permission to edit your own allocations.

If you have permissions to specific users, typically your subordinates, you have the option to edit all allocations for that user, and add allocations to any project for them.

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