Define the visual flow for project tasks in your organization. Default flow is Not started > In progress > In review > Done but you can rename the statuses, add new ones and delete unnecessary ones. To change the order of the statuses, just drag and drop the status to it's correct place.

Manage project task statuses

Available types are managed through Settings > Calendar & Tasks > Project task statuses.

To add a new project task status, click Add status and enter a descriptive name for it. After creating the status, hover your mouse over it and drag it to it's correct place in the flow.

To disable or delete a status, just hover your mouse over the row and the available actions appear. When deleting a status that is associated with project tasks, you are prompted to either swap the tasks under another type or remove the current status from them. If you choose the remove the status, project tasks are converted back to the default status.

Last status (Done) cannot be deleted as that marks the project task automatically as completed. Rename the status if needed.

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