With Google Drive integration, you can store and share digital files in relation to projects managed in Severa.

Files are added, edited and deleted in Severa and there is no connection from Google to Severa so that files added into Google would be displayed there. The files are stored in Google and therefore will not take up any disk space in Severa. The files will be visible in Google for the user account specified in the transfer settings. In Google you can share files to be visible for other users in your company, so that other employees can also view the files in Google.

Paid Google Workspace account is required to use Google Drive.

Create a Google service account

First you need to set up an account for authorizing the sync (both Google Drive and Google Calendar). Follow the steps below to create a service account in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Create a project

  1. Log into Google Cloud Platform Console as super admin user
  2. Choose from one of the options:
    • If you haven't used the console before, agree to the Terms of Service and click Create Project.
    • If you have used console before, at the top of the screen next to your most recent project name, click the arrow to open your projects list. Then, click New Project.
  3. Enter a descriptive project name and click Create.

Enable the APIs for the service account

  1. Click Menu > APIs & Services > Library
  2. Select Google Drive API
  3. Click Enable

Create the service account

  1. In the top-left corner of the console, click Menu > IAM & Admin > Service accounts
  2. Click Create Service Account
  3. Enter a name for the service account, and click Create and continue
  4. In the Grant this service account access to project (optional) drop-down select the role of Project > Editor to the new account, and click Continue
  5. Click Done
  6. Click the name of the newly created service account
  7. Click the Keys tab
  8. In the Add key drop-down list, select Create new key
  9. Choose P12 as the key type, and click Create
    • File named "your project.p12" will be downloaded to your computer.
    • You'll need to upload this file into Severa later on, so remember the location of the file.
  10. Write down the private key password and Close the view
  11. Go back to Details tab
  12. Click Show advanced settings
  13. Copy the Client ID as you will need it in the next steps
  14. Click View Google Workspace Admin console under Domain-wide Delegation
  15. Go to Menu > Security > Access and data control > API Controls
  16. In the Domain wide delegation pane, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation
  17. Click Add new
  18. In the Client ID field, enter the service account's Client ID
  19. In the OAuth scopes (comma-delimited) field, enter the list of scopes that your application should be granted access to
  20. Click Authorize

Configure Severa

After you have done all the mandatory steps in Google, you can configure Google Drive in Severa.

For you to be able to configure Google Drive you need to have admin permissions.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Google Drive.
  2. Fill in the details as follows
    • Email: Enter the email address of the Google account that stores the files.
    • Service Account Email: Enter the email address of the Service account.
    • Private key: Enter the password that was shown in the pop up when generating the .p12 file.
  3. Click Choose a file and locate the "yourproject.p12" file from your downloaded files and upload the file.
  4. Click Connect

If there are errors, verify that you have completed all the settings in Google and that both email addresses and password are correctly written.

After successful connection, the page will ask you to choose the root folder where files are stored in Google.

  • Root folder: Folder to store all files linked to projects. Each project will be a sub folder under the root and is automatically named as "project number project name".
  • Photos: Folder to store employee pictures.
  • Organization logo: Folder to store organization logo.
  • Invoice logo: Folder to store invoice logos.

To move existing files from Severa to Google, click Transfer files. This is not a mandatory action, but if files aren't moved to Google, they will continue using Severa's file storage. This applies only to existing files, all new files, will automatically be stored in Google.

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