Please follow the steps below to update integration to it's latest version. You can also watch a 20 minute long video of how to update from Youtube.

  1. Login to the Visma Global server
  2. Verify that server has Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed (in programs). If it doesn't have it, install it from
  3. Stop the current integration service from Services
  4. Take a backup of the integration files located on the Visma Global server (path example: C:\Program Files\Visma\Visma Global Severa Integration Service) by copying the whole folder to another location, for example to desktop
  5. Uninstall the current integration from Program management (in Control panel)
  6. Install new integration version. Download latest version here.
  7. Copy Severa API key from the old company.config into the new company.config.
  8. Copy file from the backup folder into the integration folder.
  9. If the company.config and are stored in a different folder than default, set the folder path into service.exe.config file.
  10. Login into Visma Severa.
  11. Go to Tools > Settings > Visma Global
    1. If you cannot see Visma Global in the settings, enable the Visma Global add-on from Upgrades > Adjust features > Interfaces first.
  12. Set up the integration settings into Severa, by comparing the existing settings in the old company.config
    1. The names and order of the settings have changed. If you are having trouble finding out which setting in Severa corresponds to a key in old company.config file, please take a look at this article.
  13. Start the integration service from Services
  14. Check the log files or Windows Application logs to ensure successful transfer of data.

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