Customer settings page is divided into two sections: Billing information and Market segmentation.

Billing information

Here you can define billing information for your customer that is used as a default for new sales cases and projects. Some of the settings shown here, like invoice template and payment terms, can also be found under project settings.


Choose a default invoice template and language for invoices created the customer.


As a default invoices are created using your organization's VAT. If you need to invoice your customer using a VAT that differs from that default, set it here. Use reverse charge for cross border sales that is invoiced tax free.

Electronic invoicing

If your customer wants to receive their invoices as electronic invoices, enter their eInvoice address and eInvoice operator code here.


When invoicing with different currencies, select your customer's invoicing currency here. You can also select a customer specific price list from the dropdown. This way all new sales cases get correct currency and price list automatically. Existing sales cases and projects are not affected.

Other settings

Set the time zone for customer's main office or headquarters.

Custom fields

If you have created your own custom fields for customer in Settings, the fields can be seen here.

Market segmentation

Market segments are a way to group your customers and can be used for example for marketing and sales purposes. Here you can select in which segments your customer belongs to. Segments shown here are defined in Settings.

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