To manage your organisation's Severa subscription click the wheel icon in top navigation, and click Subscription under Miscellaneous.

To access subscription you need to have Admin permissions to Edit settings and manage subscription & features.


In the overview you can easily see the details of your current and next subscription:

  • Current/next payment period
  • Edition
  • Available file storage
  • Amount of user licenses
  • Monthly and total price for your subscription

If you need to do changes to your subscription, you need to do them before the period changes for them to affect the pricing for that. Changes to user licenses can be done in the User licenses section.

If you want to do changes to the Edition (features available for your organisation), contact your local support. Edition can only be changed when the payment period changes.

If you have purchased Severa through, then changes to to your subscription and licenses are done through

User licenses

You can manage the total amount of available licenses easily in one view. If you remove extra user licenses in this view, the changes will affect your next billing period. If you add new licenses, a new order will be created immediately.

When you have admin permissions, you can also purchase new licenses when creating new users in User management and remove licenses when inactivating users.

The amount of user licenses cannot be lower than the amount of active users in your organisation.

Features and integrations

Manage the features and integrations available for your organization.

Changes here will affect the whole company. Disabling a feature or integration will disable it from all users.

Billing details

Manage your organization's billing details (how and where the invoice is sent to).

Company details

Company details cannot be adjusted here. If your organization's name changes, do the change in Settings > Company settings and it will updated. If your organization's VAT number changes for example through a business acquisition, a contract transfer document is required. In this case please contact your local customer support for more details.

Billing contact

Select a billing contact person in your organizations.

If you want to receive invoices via email, this is also the person to whom the invoices are sent to. You can select persons from the list (Severa users) or enter email address manually.

Billing address

Even if you are receiving invoices electronically, they should include a physical billing address. Here you can manage yours.

Electronic invoicing

Enable receiving invoices as eInvoices. Give your receiving eInvoice address and operator code, and enable the toggle.


View past order confirmations, and action history for features and integrations.

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