Phase statuses

Phase statuses help you communicate the status of a specific phase to others involved with a project.

Manage phase statuses

To manage phase statuses, go to Settings > Project management > Phase statuses. You can add new ones and edit the existing based on your needs. When editing a status, you can see if it's linked with phases and open a list of them.

To disable or delete a status, just hover your mouse over the row and the available actions appear. When deleting a status that is linked with phases, you are prompted to either swap the status or delete the status selection from them.

Phase codes

As a default, phase codes in Severa has to be unique. When enabling this setting, different phases can have the same code and can be used for example to group phases.

If you have added codes for your phases, you can now see the codes in Project Gantt and Project plan. If code is given, it will be shown in brackets after the phase name.

It's not recommended to activate this setting, if phases are transferred through integrations to other systems.

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