You have a lot of freedom in tailoring different reports, and when you save the reports you frequently need on your dashboard, you quickly get an idea what you need to react on or do - whether it’s sales cases, tasks or project progress.

Reports are categorized into main sections depending on your permissions, similarly to the main navigation:

  • Financials
  • Sales
  • Time & Expenses
  • Resourcing (add-on)
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Customers
  • Administration (add-on)

When you are interested in specific data, start with selecting what information you are after. Under each main section, you'll find different types of reports where you can view different data in different visualisations. These can be selected in the toggle bar under the report name. The most typical ones are list reports, but there are also graphs, matrix and analysis reports available.

Most of the list reports have possibility for mass updating. The mass update activates when you select the check box for a row. After selecting the rows that you want to update, you can select the desired action from the pop-up that appears on top of the view. The mass update actions vary on different reports.

Your permissions might limit the data seen in reporting. For example if you don't have permissions to view financial figures you won't see Financials section in Report creation.

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