In this view it is easy to add different types of entries and view data already entered. Depending on your permissions you can also see a User menu in the top right corner and change the person whose data you want to view. In the Work hour overview you can also see KPIs designed to guide users like expected hours for the month and absences. The KPI's shown here can be adjusted in Settings > Work hour overview.

By default the days of the current week are shown but you can easily move around from one week to another. You can also switch between daily and weekly view by using the Day/Week selector. The strip shows hours entered for each day and if you notice some missing hours you can just move to that day by clicking the date. If the day is already completed, you'll need to reopen it first.

Week view is visible only when you enter works hours as quantity of hours.

From the mini calendar it is also easy to select any day for viewing. Days that are marked as green are already completed, days marked as orange show absences and selected date is shown as blue.

Activities for selected date are also shown and those can be used for hour entries too. If a project is selected on the activity, it is used as the default for the entry. That can, of course, be changed if you want to link the entry to some other project.

If your organization uses Travel reimbursement add-on you can also easily view travel expenses waiting to be reimbursed grouped by type and existing travel reimbursements. From the Travel expenses to reimburse section you can quickly create a new travel reimbursement.

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