Sales process is a set of steps that a sales person takes to close a deal. In Severa sales statuses are used to define these steps and your sales pipeline.

Manage sales statuses

To manage sales statuses, go to Settings > Sales & proposals > Sales statuses. You can add new ones and edit the existing based on your needs.

When adding a new sales status you always need to link it with a sales category describing in which state the sales process is in (Sales in progress, Won statuses or Lost statuses). You can also set a probability percent for automated sales probability calculation purposes (how likely a case is won when it reaches a specific status).

The probability percent defines the order of the sales statuses on the Sales pipeline view.

When editing a sales status, you can see if it is or has been linked with sales cases. To disable or delete a sales status, just hover your mouse over the row and the available actions appear.

Sales status cannot be deleted if it is or has been linked with sales cases. You can disable the sales status if it's not needed anymore.

Default status for proposal

In Severa, it is possible to create a new sales case from a proposal. Define a default status for the sales cases created from proposal.

Proposal default sales status cannot be deactivated from the list of available sales statuses.

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