If you are having problems with your integration, please go through the list below before sending a support request:

First things to check

  • What is the problem?
  • Is the problem related to Visma Severa or Visma Severa's API, or is the problem the other software? For example if in the other software something looks different than in Visma Severa, it is often because the data is just presented differently.
  • Which company (organization) has the issue? Are there many customers who have the same issue, or only one?

Things to check together with customer

  • Is the organization currently a paying customer of Visma Severa? Can people in that organization use Visma Severa at the moment?
  • Does the organization have API add-on purchased? This can be seen from Visma Severa's Upgrades section. API can't be used if organization doesn't have the add-on active.
  • In the integration, is there one API user that is used to perform the integration, or does each Visma Severa user have own API key? Which user is having the issue?
  • Does the user in question have access right to API in Visma Severa? If not, API can't be accessed.
  • Does the user in question have API enabled in Visma Severa? If not, API can't be accessed.
  • Does the user in question have API key generated in Visma Severa? If not, API can't be accessed.
  • Is the user in question active in Visma Severa? If not, API can't be accessed.
  • What are the access rights of the user in Visma Severa? If user has limited access rights, some API calls won't return results.
  • API key has been saved to configuration for the integration to use. Is this saved API key the same as the API key the user has in Visma Severa? User can regenerate they key in Visma Severa, and after that the integration won't work.
  • Has customer's Visma Severa environment changed?
    • Has the customer changed settings or purchased new add-ons?
    • Has customer's data changed in some way?

Integration documentation

  • What does the integration documentation say?
  • If the issue is related to some data, is that data transferred in the integration or not?
  • If the data is transferred, are there some known limitations to it (accepted values, length)?


  • What has been written to integration error logs about the error?
  • What has been written to integration logs around the time of the error? What has the integration been doing at that time?
  • After this, check with the customer from Visma Severa, what the data looks like there, and what is looks like in the other system, try to find all the things that could affect the issue.

Things to check together with integration developers

  • What is the exact error message that you are getting? All error information needs to be checked (main exception, inner exception, call stack etc.)
  • Where is the line of code where the error comes?
  • What does that code line do exactly?
  • What data is processed / what call is made? For example, if data came back from API, which data member causes the error and what is the content of the data?
    • For example if you are getting entities changed during a time frame, change your API call so that you narrow down the issue until you find a single entity which is causing the problem.
    • Check data type / conversions, is it correct?
    • Check entity data, does the data contain invalid XML? In Visma Severa users can insert any characters to the system, and they come out from API as they were entered.
    • Check error handling, is something missing from there?
  • Has this error occurred before in the integration?
    • If it has occurred earlier, how it has been fixed?
  • Has something changed regarding the integration?
    • What was the change?
    • Could it have affected this?
    • Did the previous version work?
    • Has the implementation of the integration changed?
    • Has the server environment changed? For example updates etc.
  • Has Visma Severa API changed?
  • Is the service reference to Visma Severa API up to date?
  • Does the "GetVersion" and "GetEntitySchemaVersion" in config match with the information that is coming from Visma Severa currently?
  • Does the integration start without issues? Are there issues when building the integration?
  • Does the integration have enough rights in the server to perform all needed actions that the integration does?
  • Is the integration using Visma Severa's API correctly, is there something that can be improved in the integration to fix the issue?
  • Has there been any network connection issues, which could cause the problem?
  • Are you able to reproduce the error?
  • Note: If error log is empty and normal integration log doesn't have anything out of ordinary in it, find out why error hasn't been logged? After this, improve the integration so that it has logging, and try the transfer again to get more information so that it is possible for the integration developers to dig into the issue.

Support request

After the questions above have been checked, if it is unclear why the problem occurs, you can send a support request to Visma Severa. Please attach all your checks and findings to the support request, so that we have as much information as possible.

In addition, include the following information to the support request:

  • Your contact details / contact details of the person who has built the integration or is responsible of it (someone who can take a look at the code and show it to us, and knows how the integration works).
  • Details of the integration software: what kind of software you have, that performs the integration? What is the technology?
  • Integration documentation.


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