Q: How to use orders with API?

Please check best practices.

Q: How to use sales invoices with API?

Please check best practices.

Q: How to create calendar integration? (8/2014)

Have you noticed our existing calendar integrations Google and Office 365. With these you can synchronize Severa activities with calender items bidirectionally. If this is not enough, please notice that the integrations listed above aren't using Severa API.

If you need calendar integration with some other system, please consider first what is the actual need and if it is possible to implement against Severa’s API and other end’s system. API doesn’t support recurring meetings, but it is possible to handle each recurring activity or calendar appointment as a single occurrence.

Q: We need keywords in our implementation. Can we use case's tags for this?

Yes. You can add tags with:

  • AddNewCaseTag
  • AddNewContactTag
  • AddNewFileTag
  • AddNewUserTag

Q: Is it possible to add a work estimate through API? How?

AddNewPhase/UpdatePhase support workestimates.

Q: Can we use price lists with Severa API?

Pricelists are not currently supported in Severa API.

Q: How to set value for sales status, when I don't know SalesStatusGUID's? Can I get a list somehow?

You can use AddNewSalesProcessGetAllSalesProcesses. Now you can use AddNewSalesStatus.

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