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Note! Visma Severa terms and interfaces are explained in article Visma Severa API for Developers.


Before implementing transporting of orders you should check what is the actual need. There are practically two separate solutions for using orders:order can be a case or then it can be a work item. Using work items is often a lighter solution.

Using cases

This is the best way to go when organization is sales oriented.When using this way of working you can control the sales phase of projects and also manage and follow-up work based on phases.

 Minimum interfaces:

  • IAccount & ICompany - for binding the order with correct customer.
  • ICase - for binding the order with project work.
  • ISalesStatus - for following the status of the order. You can use this also for importing order's value.

You can additionally use also interfaces:

  • IBusinessUnit, IAddress, ITag, IContact, ICurrency, IAccountgroup, IIndustry, IPhase, IActivity, ICaseStatus, IPhaseMember

Using Work Items

This is the best way to go when there is need only for billing orders. If needed, it is also possible to follow-up and report by using product information.

Minimum interface:

  • IItem

You might want to use also:

  • IProduct - which product was sold. This enables reporting of how much of each products has been sold.

Sales Invoices

Importing of sales invoices is not supported. 

Usually transferring of sales invoices is based on invoices status. When an invoice gets an certain status, it can be collected from Severa.

Minumum interface:

  • Invoice

You might want to use also:

  • InvoiceStatus. You can give status also as a text parameter.

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