With custom fields you can add more info to your customers. You have the possibility to add currency, date, numeric value, predefined values (dropdown) and text fields.

Custom fields are available in Platinum and Enterprise versions of Severa.

Manage custom fields

To manage customer custom fields go to Settings > Customer & contacts > Custom fields. Here you can view the existing fields and create new ones.

To create a new custom field click Add new custom field and select the type of field you want to add.

  1. Enter a name to the custom field
    • Add a unit for currency and numeric fields (optional)
    • Select the behaviour for a dropdown (single-select or multi-select) and how the values are ordered (custom or alphabetical)
  2. Save the field and it is immediately available in Customer Settings tab

If a certain custom field isn’t needed, you can easily hide it or delete it by hovering over the custom field in question. Use Show hidden custom fields to see all custom fields that have been hidden.

Add values to custom fields

Custom fields can be found from under Customer Settings. To add a value simply click on the field and start typing. If you have added a date type field you can also choose the date from the calendar that opens up when you click the field or just type in the date.

To view custom fields, at least Read-only permissions to customers is needed. Users with Edit & All permissions can also modify the content of the custom fields.

Custom fields in reporting

A custom field can be added as a value or as a filter to the Customers report.

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