After checking the initial settings, you can continue to enabling the integration. There are two ways to enable the integration depending on if you already have registered Maventa/AutoInvoice account for your company or not.

Companies using Organizational hierarchy add-on: If some of the business units are actually organizations of their own, each company that acts as invoice sender needs to set settings the same way as above, but separately for each company. Note that User API key and Company UUID must be copied from each company's own account. Settings can only be done for business units acting as organizations (they have their own VAT number).

Enable integration for new account

To get started, go to Settings > Integrations > Maventa/AutoInvoice and click Register.

  1. Select your company and a person who will be created as a user in Maventa/AutoInvoice

  2. Click Register to continue

  3. When the registration goes successfully through, a notification is shown and settings modal is opened

  4. In the modal, User API Key and Company UUID are automatically filled

    • If the User API Key is left empty, the person selected as registrant already has an account in Maventa/AutoInvoice, and should continue the process there for the new organization. After successfully signing the document, the User API key and Company UUID can be copied from Maventa/AutoInvoice to Severa.
  5. Click Send authentication request to send an invitation to sign the authentication approval to a person in your company

    • Authentication approver: Select the person who has the rights to sign the contract
    • Email address for authentication: Filled automatically but you can also type in another one
    • Language of the email
  6. Click Send email to send the authentication email

The person selected as the approver will get an invitation to their email to sign the document digitally using strong authentication. You can close the integration settings view and continue the configuration after the document is signed or you can wait until the document is signed and update the status manually by clicking Refresh.

After successful authentication, the rest of the settings can be accessed.

Enable integration for existing account

To get started, go to Settings > Integrations > Maventa/AutoInvoice and click your company's name in the Companies already registered section.

Authentication approval

First you need to authenticate by giving the User API key and Company UUID from your company's Maventa/AutoInvoice settings. After giving valid details, authentication request is automatically sent.

If you have been using the integration in Severa before, User API key and Company UUID are automatically filled.


Send original invoice PDF when sending eInvoices

  • Enable if the invoice PDF should be sent along with the invoice data. This means that the customer will receive the whole invoice with all the attachments and can see the invoice as you see it in Severa.
  • Disable if you want to transfer only the data of the invoice, without the PDF. This means that customer will see invoice looking based on Maventa/AutoInvoice template and no attachments.

If invoice is being sent out using printing service, and you want the printing service print the invoice looking like Severa's invoice, in Maventa/AutoInvoice go to Settings > Sending invoices > Via print and enable Use own PDFs for printing service.

In this scenario, also a cover page for customer's address will be printed. Invoices will always have at least two pages and all pages are charged.

Send invoices by email

  • Enable if customer's email address (Customer card > Contact information > Email under Customer details section) is sent along the invoice and customers who do not have eInvoice address will then receive the invoice into this email address.
  • Disable if invoices should go to a printing service if customer cannot receive eInvoices.

Email address for notifications

  • Add email address here, If you wish to receive an email when transferring an invoice fails in Severa.

Status of invoices to be transferred

  • Select the status that was created earlier. Invoices are automatically transferred from this status.

Status of invoices after transfer

  • Select the status that was created earlier. Invoices will get this status after they have been successfully transferred.

Status of the invoices after error

  • Select the status that was created earlier. Invoices will get this status if automatic sending fails for any reason.

When all the settings are done, your integration is ready to be used. Enable integration by using the toggle in the top right corner.

If error Status of the invoices to be transferred can not be sent occurs after enabling the integration from the slide switch button, check your company's invoice statuses from Settings > Invoicing > Invoice statuses. If the status, which is selected as the Status of invoices to be transferred, has Sent mode selected, remove it and save settings. After that you can enable the integration.

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